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Pre-Oppikoppi festival event with Waddy Jones

13th July 2007 | Other items by


Waddy Jones is a musician-artist who is the front man for the band Max Normal.TV. Primarily known as a musician, Waddy has exhibited his Japanese comics inspired paintings and furry animals with great success in Cape Town. Oppikoppi chose Waddy’s dassie as its unlikely mascot for the 2007 festival. We have invited Waddy to produce his dassies in the David Krut Projects space from 1 – 8 August as a pre-festival performance.

From 3 August Mike Houston and Martin Mazorra, founding members of Cannonball Press, will join Waddy at the gallery. Cannonball will be woodblock printing and setting up a site-specific installation for their exhibition that will open on 16 August in the gallery. All pre-festival activities will be open to the public.

On 8 of August, both Jones and Cannonball will depart for Oppikoppi “The way of the dassie” where they will perform and install art works.

5 Comments to “Pre-Oppikoppi festival event with Waddy Jones”

  1. Cara Says:

    For those of you who have never heard of such a thing as a dassie…
    Definition Dassie: Real, live Dassies are indigenous to South Africa and resemble a fat cane rat. They inhabit rocky cliff faces where they make excellent snacks for eagles and other birds of prey. They are genetically closest to the Elephant and fondly called cousins of the great mammal.

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