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Heritage Day Celebrations @ Constitution Hill

22nd September 2007 | Other items by


Taxi Art Education Programme (TAEP) was invited by the Heritage and Education Training programme (HET) of Constitution Hill to participate in their Heritage Day celebrations, on the 21st of September.

The event took place at the Dome at Constitution Hill. On arrival at the venue you spotted children dressed in various traditional outfits in a vast array of colours, what a spectacle. There was an exciting energy in the dome and as soon as the master of ceremonies announced that the day was officially open the children burst out in a joyous chorus of elation.

There were children’s groups from Johannesburg and Cape Town and they entertained the crowd through song, dance, traditional poets, drama and music. After every act the crowd exploded into applause and no one was having more fun then the adults who were part of the audience.

There was a scrumptious lunch prepared for the performers and once all the tummy’s were full the energy was restored, the TAEP group entertained the crowd with drumming. A young student from TAEP accompanied the drumming with a beautiful song they had written in their class. To add to the fun Irene and Lindsay got up on stage and did an impromptu dance to support the drummers and the young singer. The TAEP craft table drew a large crowd, all the children were fascinated by how easy it was to create their own jewelery using safety pins and beads.

The TAEP children from Diepkloof put on a play that explored the different cultures within South Africa with hilarious results as they changed voices and body language to portray the various segments that make up our wonderful country.

What a beautiful day, everyone had a good time and once the event was closed by Mmabatho of the Constitution Hill Children’s room we all went our separate ways, all of us left with the same feeling of joyous celebration. What a day, what an event. Happy Heritage Day everyone may it be filled with love and pride in our country that is the cradle of such diversity.

taep_student_drumming_heritage_day.jpgTAEP student drumming on the African steps.

drummers_and_khunjulwa.jpgYeoville students drumming with Siviwe and Ricky. Young Khunjulwa on the mic, could this be the next Brenda Fassie?

nkateko_heritage_day.jpgNkateko(art facilitator-Diepkloof) Creating an art work for Heritage Day

crowd_heritage_day.jpgPart of the large audience, most of the these children where performers.

julia_and_siviwe_heritage_day.jpgSiviwe and Julia setting up the Craft table.

taep_craft_table.jpgOnce the craft table was set up you couldn’t take the youth away from it. Different groups rotated learning from Julia how to create bead work jewelery.

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