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TAEP @ Gallo Downtown Studios by Irene Mavhutha

1st October 2007 | Other items by


For the past 3 months Gallo facilities have been copied with Artistic kinetic energies. The Taxi Art Education programme acquired rehearsal space on the 4th floor in the civility. It is amazing how the inspired crew managed to cerbigroance of other Artists through visible energy conversion. It was a bit of a tiff for the team to attain recognitions, more especially because of Jimmy Diamond’s acclaimed fame. Diamond is a guitarist with fair and was ones upon a time TAEP’s own proud facilitator we sincerely miss his talents and real for life nonetheless life is a travelled Journey.

Every Friday of the week, TAEP facilitators meet @ Gallo from 14:00 – 16:00 to merge good thoughts. Irene is a dancer, Siviwe a will rennoived drummer and Solomon is the feisty friendly poet who bridges all gaps. There’s also a dedicated addition to the team and his name is Bra Walter. He speaks less and does plenty on the Piano!!

The Vision is to amalgamate all diverse art forms in the hope of projecting expression amongst all the people. The team believes that there’s a child that lives in each of us and that concealed inner child needs to be celebrated by every individual. Gallo Studios/Facilities are situated in the central business district. There’s a very few schools in the area and as a result TAEP hasn’t been facilitating the Arts to the youths who differ in age graps.

On the flipside of the brittle salvation, the talented team has been meeting for personal productions. Everyone engages in vocal and physical exercise then the atmosphere is set ablaze with Drumming, Singing, Poetry and Musical compositions every Friday has a free styled theme that the team brainstorms on and tirelessly to wards and results. The Artists are free to invite friends who have the love or interest for Art and that’s where good energy comes from

The Aim is to circulate the classes for 2hrs to students, the homeless, refugees and anyone hungry for knowledge. Although we would love to see children folding like sheep at the studios, we are aware that the area might be quiet busy for young ones to roam around

TAXI ART EDUCATION PROGRMME will be venturing to hosting cosy poetry sessions and performance exhibitions @ the space to create a beneficial vibe and to also develop unpredictable relationships that will instil growth for everyone. People need to embrace self-reliability for sustenance because on one will do it progression invites everyone to creatively tune their minds for a conversation not to be forgotten. Come and join TAEP just as you are for voice instrument, heart and love! Lets change this done and communicate see you there peace.

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