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A Night of Magic at the Opera- Kentridge’s Flute a Hit

3rd October 2007 | Other items by

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October the 2nd was a special day on the calender for the David Krut Projects staff. We had a date at the Civic Theatre to see William Kentridge’s Magic Flute. There was a buzz of excitement around the office with talk of outfits and lifts and speculation about what the opera would bring. The night finally arrived and the anticipation was killing us. The DK staff were decked out in all their finery and proved that artists are not slobs. This morning I went around and found out from everyone what their impressions were on the opera, most struggled to stop short of gushing.

“A visual treat. Kentridge’s backdrops were intriguing and captivating.” Jacki McInnes

“I think that the idea of making the opera is a good one. I especially enjoyed the part of Papegeno and Papagena and the singing. The way Papegena looks at Papageno was heart warming. The opera and the book is now making sense to me, so now I know what we are selling.” Seun Mokotedi

“Loved the play between light and dark and the choreographic images of the universe turning behind the unfolding human drama.” Melissa Kruger

“Found the plot a little thin, but one can’t change an opera script. Love the use of back and front projections simultaneously. Great music.” Niall Bingham

“The first time at an opera show and it was the best experience ever. I think Papageno was the best.” Mpho Sebitlo

“The opera was fantastic. I loved the part were the prince played the flute and also when Papageno played the magical bells then the monsters danced, that was funny.” Innocentia Rantao

“It has built inside of me a greater love for arts and culture. I enjoyed it very much. It’s art in its most physical form, you can see it and emotionally connect with it.” Mlungisi Kongisa

“Edmund Burke writes that sublimity is when “the mind is so entirely filled with its object, that it cannot entertain any other”. I cannot conceive of a better description of Kendtridge’s adaptation of Mozart’s Magic Flute. Fantastically sublime from the first minute to the breathless last.” Lise Steyn

“It is long, complex, mysterious and the fact that the language used is German it was not easy for me to concentrate on reading the words in English and look at the whole theatrical actions of the actors. I like the stage setting and all images at the background and was impressed by the talent of local singers with the very best mix of voices.” Phindile Maringa

A stimulating and ‘signature Kentridge’ theatrical experience through his amazing and sophisticated use of theatrical devices. The movement and light which characterised the piece was breath-taking. Kentridge in motion.” Susan White

“As wonderful as it was to be at the opera myself, it was more enjoyable to see the DK staff enjoying what for many was their first opera.” Bronwyn Law-Viljoen

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2 Comments to “A Night of Magic at the Opera- Kentridge’s Flute a Hit”

  1. David Says:

    Sorry not to be with the team. Would imagine the first time for many at a theatre.

  2. Bazukile Diko Says:

    Sadly Lise is no longer with our company

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