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The Alexandra Tales


Separated from his mother at birth, Philip Kota – now an adult – longs to establish the relationship with her he was never allowed. He sets out to explain to her what moulded him into the person he now is and narrates a warm and moving story of childhood in urban Alexandra, north of Johannesburg, and the rural village of Bokala. Philip looks back at a bizarre succession of events, some uproariously funny, others deeply poignant, and at a gallery of colourful characters. Three aunts spring to life, earthy, passionate and exuberant – one can almost smell the smoke of their cigarettes and the stale odour of booze, and hear their raucous laughter. The emotional highs and lows of Uncle Koos, and his transformation from urban degenerate to influential rural priest, touch young Philip profoundly. Finally among the people of Bokala village, Philip discovers yet more of life’s complexities, and forges lasting friendships.

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