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Art Cruise with Wilma Cruise

2nd October 2006 | Other items by


Wilma Cruise had a walkabout recently at the David Krut Art Gallery, where she gave art lovers a chance to ask questions about her latest works on paper. She has been working with the David Krut Print Workshop and has produced beautiful work on paper. Cruise took us through her journey of the creation of her latest art.

When asked about her experience working at the David Krut Print Workshop, Cruise said she had an exciting time working with colour and discovered something new each moment whilst working with printer Jill Ross. Wilma explained that the process of creating the works on paper was intense and she was thrilled to work with the DKW team as they gave her the freedom to push her creativity without any restrictions. “When I walk into the print workshop, the whole world recedes.” Wilma commented.

Cruise has attempted to work with paper in the past but was not very successful. She attributes this to the fact that since her studio is a sculpture and ceramic studio it is always too dirty. She was happy to work with people who were paper experts and who could give her the technical knowledge to enable her to experiment and create unique and interesting artwork. Wilma enjoyed working at the DKW so much that she plans on continuing to experiment with paper.

Wilma is well known for her sculptures that don’t have arms, eyes and mouths. She explains the omission of these parts as taking away the obvious forms of expression; it gives the sculpture vulnerability. She wishes to articulate the impotence and helplessness of the figure, and of the artist, to communicate the true nature of the experience that the character is going through at that particular moment in time. In her new work with pronto and monotype methods, she has been able to play with the human figures and animals in much the same way as one would create a collage or montage. This process of visual and conceptual layering allows her to explore another aspect of communication: that non-verbal ‘subliminal’ interaction that exists between all living beings, which she expresses through the way the subjects are placed in relation to one another.

Look out for future projects from this artist at David Krut Gallery.

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