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Justin Fox – Biography and Reviews

1st October 2007 | Other items by

Justin Fox is a travel writer and photographer for Getaway magazine. He was a Rhodes Scholar and received a doctorate in English literature from Oxford University (1995) after which he was a research fellow at the University of Cape Town, where he now teaches part time. His articles have appeared internationally in a number of publications and on a wide range of topics including literary criticism, history, yachting and architecture, while his short stories and poems have appeared in various anthologies.

He has written scripts and directed award-winning documentaries and is a two-time Mondi journalism award winner (1999 and 2004). Some recent books include With Both Hands Waving (Kwela Books, 2002), Just Add Dust (Kwela, 2004), Cape Town Calling (Tafelberg, 2007) and Under the Sway (Umuzi, 2007).


Under the Sway: A Photographic journey through Mozambique
Review:Colleen Bruce

If I were dreaming of an overland trip through Mozambique, this is the book i would use to plan my holiday and make my dream a reality. Justin Fox, a travel photojournalist with family links to Mozambique takes you through a country that is part of his soul. His words and pictures show the different eras of a country that has survived enormous trauma and is emerging triumphantly from its difficult years. Fox’s writing is peppered with family anecdotes and local lore, as he visits well-known and more obscure areas of Mozambique. His fantastic photographs (he uses film, not digital) include crumbling Portuguese architecture and modern tourist lodges, sparkling ocean views and young boys and girls on the beach. His love of the local dhows is obvious in his photographs and his words. He writes: “They’re the living incarnation of ancient trade routes, emblematic of the continuity of advanced human habitation and exchange in these parts from long before the advent of European navigators.”Fox has loving compiled a book that reflects not only the hopeful Mozambique of today, but also its ancient traditions, its colonial glamour and revolutionary trauma. Under the Sway has me under its spell.


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3 Comments to “Justin Fox – Biography and Reviews”

  1. G J BIE Says:

    Living in Canada and for the last two years I have been looking to get Justin Fox’s book ~ “With Both Hands Waving”. Haven’t been able to, all places I have checked say “currently out of stock”.

    Can you help me?

    Thank you.

  2. james Says:

    I bought mine at a book sale, so evidently it was not selling all that well. But I see that kalahari.net still have stock.

  3. lynette wyszkowski Says:

    I am nearly finished ‘ Both hands waving’. Loving it and am dying to go back to Mozambique. I remember the vibrant atmosphere of ‘L M’ when I was five.We couldn’t understand why mom complained about the sand floor of our beach hut and our tin bunks. Why care when the sea is there and the prawns are cooking? I remember sleeping in a sleeping bag in a ditch at the side of the road while waiting for the border to open. Great times. Hope I find Justin’s latest Mozambique book in the library.

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