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Our bookstore is located at 151 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood, Johannesburg. Our own titles as well as books from other South African publishers, and international publishers are available in the store and on this site. We are the sole distributors in southern Africa of books from Tate Publishing (UK), Assouline (USA), Nazraeli (USA). We specialise in books on contemporary art, architecture, graphic design and monographs.

Couturier Dreams

A self-confessed “plain dresser,” Katharine Adams instead dazzles the world with the fabulous collection that is Couturier Dreams. Gorgeous floating emulsion “garments” dance on every page, with a

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From the Ground Up

It’s beautifully made color photography and an achievement of enormous richness. Eduardo del Valle & Mirta Gómez have followed one thread with great tenacity. I don’t know of any

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“Eight years ago I was asked to see the photographs of an extraordinary portraitist whose subjects were flowers. I remember thinking that this was an unusual way to describe an artist’s work, yet

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David Krut Bookstore News: June 2006

The latest chapter in our bookstore is that interest has grown as more people become aware of its existence and also have the chance of discovering all the art activities going on at David Krut Arts Resource, 140 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood, Johannesburg.

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