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Our bookstore is located at 151 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood, Johannesburg. Our own titles as well as books from other South African publishers, and international publishers are available in the store and on this site. We are the sole distributors in southern Africa of books from Tate Publishing (UK), Assouline (USA), Nazraeli (USA). We specialise in books on contemporary art, architecture, graphic design and monographs.

Tony Cragg

            In a distinguished career since the mid-1970s, Tony Cragg has produced a strikingly diverse range of sculptures in the widest variety of materials. His prolific output embraces organic and industrial creations, abstract and near-figurative images, delicate, powerful, immediate and yet elusive forms. The sculptor, he says, “looks for all […]

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Vivienne Westwood

            Vivienne Westwood created outfits that shocked the world and many of her creations are exhibited in museums around the globe today. In the 1970s this influential British designer became known as the creator of punk-fashion. She cultivated her image as a rebel on the international fashion scene, with much of her work […]

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Gary Hume

DVD Gary Hume makes beautiful paintings. His materials are household paints on aluminium surfaces and his subjects, are “flora, fauna and portraits.” The results are elegant, delicate, simple yet elusive and exquisite. Playing gloriously with colour and light, they are paintings of subtle tones, idiosyncratic clashes and insistent reflections. Interviewed in his studio, Gary Hume […]

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Hamish Fulton

  DVD Hamish Fulton describes himself as a “walking artist”. For more than thirty years he has undertaken demanding walks in many parts of the world, and drawn on his experience to create distinctive artworks using text, graphics and photographs. He aims to “leave no trace” in the landscape, and he acknowledges that his art […]

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David Hockney at the Tate

DVD Painter, graphic artist, photographer, stage designer, writer – David Hockney is one of the most versatile and significant artists of our time. The British artist’s international breakthrough came in the mid 60s with his homoerotic shower scenes and paintingsof sun-speckled Californian swimming pools. In later works as well, the artist proved himself a keen […]

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Andy Warhol

DVD Consumerism, glamour, disasters and mass media – Andy Warhol’s art is a mirror image of America. Son of Slovakian immigrants, he rose, with his Campbell’s Soup Cans and silk-screen-duplicated Marilyn, to become a Pop Art icon. His blond wig and eccentri lifestyle, and the wild goings-on at his legendary Factory became his trademarks. He […]

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Ian Davenport

DVD Ian Davenport’s 48 metre long painting Poured Lines: Southwark Street transforms the tunnel beneath the railway bridge close to Tate Modern. The painting’s numerous vitreous enamel panels were created in a German factory where they were baked at fearsomely high temperatures. This film follows the artist as he creates this remarkable public artwork. Like […]

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London Orbital

London Orbital is an extraordinary and visionary film by Chris Petit and Iain Sinclair about the world’s largest by-pass, the M25. London Orbital is a road movie, a cinematic excursion into the futuristic literature of a century past, and a film dialogue between two writers who are also filmmakers (and vice versa).

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Encounters: The Meeting of Asia and Europe 1500-1800

In the three centuries after the explorer Vasco de Gama first landed in India in 1492, meetings, trade and exchanges of all kinds flourished between the peoples of Europe and Asia. These encounters and the hybrid cultures that developed have left an extraordinary legacy of exquisite works of art and compelling human stories.

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Joe Tilson

Since the 1960s, when he was associated with British Pop Art, Joe Tilson has enjoyed international acclaim for the individuality and originality of his paintings, constructions, prints and multiples. All of his playful, engaging work is informed with ideas from literature, philosophy, ethnography and alchemy.

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