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David Krut Print Workshop (DKW) was established in 2002 at 140 Jan Smuts Avenue. The aim of the workshop is to provide a professional facility for collaborations between South African artists and local and international printmakers. Emerging and established artists are regularly invited to create limited edition intaglio prints and monotypes at DKW.

A second workshop recently opened at Arts On Main in downtown Johannesburg.

Cry Me a River: a tribute to Robert Hodgins by Deborah Bell

Deborah Bell created this etching in March 2010. At the time she was working at 107 Workshop, in the UK with master printer Jack Shirreff, on prints such as Coeur Rage and Bride Stripped Bare for her upcoming show at David Krut Projects in Johannesburg. When she heard the news that her close friend and […]

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David Krut Projects at the Editions|Artists’ Book Fair 2010

David Krut Projects promotes the print workshop, and publishing by it’s associates in Johannesburg and Cape Town. The two DKW Print Workshops in Parkwood and Arts on Main, Johannesburg respectively, are managed by Jillian Ross. We also work with Phil Sanders of the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop (RBPMW), and South African artist Deborah Bell and Diane Victor worked […]

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David Krut Print Workshop Blog

21 January 2011, David Krut Print Workshop, Arts on Main Starting off with a bang: The Workshop has been running several tests within the variables of the printmaking processes especially focussing on the newly built aquatint box. With everything up and running, artist schedules have been set with many new projects lined up for 2011. […]

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Images of New Bell Lithographs Started in March 2010

19th May 2010 by

New lithographic stones were created by Deborah Bell at The Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop in New York, March 2010. They were created with Phil Sanders, who worked with DKW printers and artists in 2008. Look forward to seeing these prints available later on in the year. If interested please contact taryn@nulldavidkrut.com

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Deborah Bell Studio Visit

Mlungisi and I hit the open road last week in my Ford Bantum, loaded with an assortment of inks, papers and tools.  After some indecision with directions and our geographically challenged minds we reached Deborah Bell’s property near the town of Magaliesberg.  Our incentive was to stay, and work with Deborah in her newly built […]

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DKW New Editions: Deborah Bell

30th April 2010 by

David Krut Print Workshop (DKW) is pleased to be able to show New Editions from Deborah Bell that have recently been completed in collaboration with Bell and the printmakers of DKW. The new editions and monotypes can be seen at David Krut Bookstore and David Krut Projects, both on Jan Smuts Avenue. The works previewed […]

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Deborah Bell at Arts On Main

13th March 2010 by

On the 8th to the 13th of February 2010 Deborah Bell worked with David Krut Workshop Manager, Jill Ross, at the newly established workshop at Arts On Main. Bell was the first artist to collaborate with Jill Ross in this space and ‘christened’ it by working on and creating a new series of monotypes. Monotypes […]

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DKW June 2009 Update

18th July 2009 by

Collaboration has always lain at the heart of what David Krut Print Workshop (DKW) has set out to achieve, and 2009 has so far proved to be an extremely busy, but rewarding, year for DKW. The past six months seem to have flown by as many artists have explored the art of printmaking with the […]

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Deborah Bell – February 2009

3rd March 2009 by

Deborah Bell was at the David Krut Print Workshop (DKW) recently to hand-finish the edition of giant prints that were initiated and printed during June 2008 in collaboration with master printer Jack Shirreff of  107 Workshop, UK, and Jillian Ross, DKW Manager, in preparation for her exhibition opening on March 21 at David Krut Projects […]

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David Krut was in New York for the New Editions Fair featuring new works works by Ryan Arenson, William Kentridge, Deborah Bell, David Koloane, Diane Victor and Colbert Mashile recently originated and editioned at David Krut Print Workshop (DKW) in Johannesburg. Further works by Andrzej Nowicki, Suzanne McLelland, and Penny Siopis were also on display. The quality […]

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