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David Krut Print Workshop (DKW) was established in 2002 at 140 Jan Smuts Avenue. The aim of the workshop is to provide a professional facility for collaborations between South African artists and local and international printmakers. Emerging and established artists are regularly invited to create limited edition intaglio prints and monotypes at DKW.

A second workshop recently opened at Arts On Main in downtown Johannesburg.

NEW EDITIONS: Diane Victor

  Diane Victor’s latest print is now available at DKW. The print entitled “Last Supper – Enswined” was printed at DKW Parkwood, this year. For more information please contact the gallery.   Last Supper – Enswined (2011) Drypoint Paper Size: 71.5 x 99cm Image Size: 49.5 x 79cm Hanhnemuhle, Natural White, 300gsm Edition: 30        

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David Krut Projects at the Editions|Artists’ Book Fair 2010

David Krut Projects promotes the print workshop, and publishing by it’s associates in Johannesburg and Cape Town. The two DKW Print Workshops in Parkwood and Arts on Main, Johannesburg respectively, are managed by Jillian Ross. We also work with Phil Sanders of the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop (RBPMW), and South African artist Deborah Bell and Diane Victor worked […]

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Editions|Artists’ Book Fair 2010

The 2010 Editions|Artists’ Book Fair will take place Friday, 5 November to Sunday, 7 November. David Krut Print Workshop will be participating in the Fair and showcasing the work of Diane Victor to an American audience in anticipation of her exhibition that will be running at David Krut Projects, New York, from October 28 – […]

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David Krut Print Workshop Blog

21 January 2011, David Krut Print Workshop, Arts on Main Starting off with a bang: The Workshop has been running several tests within the variables of the printmaking processes especially focussing on the newly built aquatint box. With everything up and running, artist schedules have been set with many new projects lined up for 2011. […]

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Diane Victor – Birth of a Nation

12th May 2010 by

At a recent walkabout conducted by Diane Victor at the Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg, I was surprised by how openly she spoke about her recent body of work.  Victor was emphatic in describing her narratives as almost always carrying an element of humour.  Her concern is that if the spirit of satire is overlooked by […]

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DKW New Editions: Diane Victor

30th April 2010 by

David Krut Print Workshop (DKW) is pleased to be able to present New Editions from Diane Victor that have recently been completed in collaboration with Niall Bingham of DKW. The suite is titled Birth of a Nation, and can currently be seen at David Krut Projects, or featured in Victor’s exhibition, Transcend, currently running at […]

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DKW Visual Diary: 2008

28th November 2008 by

Bruce Backhouse Colbert Mashile Diane Victor Phil Sanders Frieder Danielis Pat Mautloa Maja Maljevic & Ryan Arenson Lungi, Jill and Niall Trasi Henen William Kentridge & Jill Wilma Cruise at the opening of Split: NY.LON.JHB

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David Krut was in New York for the New Editions Fair featuring new works works by Ryan Arenson, William Kentridge, Deborah Bell, David Koloane, Diane Victor and Colbert Mashile recently originated and editioned at David Krut Print Workshop (DKW) in Johannesburg. Further works by Andrzej Nowicki, Suzanne McLelland, and Penny Siopis were also on display. The quality […]

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Diane Victor: Soft Ground Techniques

19th May 2008 by

(above) Victor varnishing out areas of the plate that are not to be etched. The varnish protects areas of the plate from the acid. (above) Victor placing a variety of textured materials (eg. newsprint, tinfoil, cheese cloth, canvas) on top of the soft ground, to be run through the press. Once the plate and the […]

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‘DKW: New Editions 2008′ – The Artists and the Printmakers

11th April 2008 by

DKW: New Editions 2008 features the most recent intaglio prints and monotypes created by artists Deborah Bell, Colbert Mashile, Diane Victor and David Koloane in the David Krut Print Workshop (DKW). The show gives an excellent idea of the range of techniques that artists and printmakers are experimenting with at DKW and also aims to […]

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