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Book Launch of “BILAKHULU !” Longer Poems by Vonani Bila

  Vonani Bila’s voice in Bilakhulu! is as buoyant and direct as ever; his emotional range is broad, incorporating humour and lament. These seven narrative poems, ranging from 3 to 35 pages in length, are grounded in the poet’s family and village, at the same time making visible the wider forces that impinge on rural life. Please join […]

Book Launch of The Impossible Five

Please join us for the book launch of Justin Fox’s latest title, “The Impossible Five”. Renowned travel writer and photographer, Justin Fox will be discussing his findings on some of South Africa’s most elusive animals with Jenny Crwys-Williams. Please join us for early evening drinks and wonderful conversation on Thursday the 23rd of July 2015, 6pm at […]

Jenny Crwys-Williams in conversation with Jacob Dlamini

Jenny & Co and David Krut Publishing  hosted  a conversation with  Jenny Crwys-Williams and  “Askari”-author, Jacob Dlamini on Tuesday, 28 October 2014 (18:00 for 18:30) at the David Krut Boosktore (151 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood). “Askari” is the story of collaboration and betrayal in the Anti-Apartheid struggle. This is the story of Comrade September, a member of the ANC and its military wing, […]

Book Launch of “Love. Loss. Life” by Monica Zwolsman

Jacana Media and David Krut Publishing invites you to the launch of “Love. Loss. Life” by Monica Zwolsman. Monica, a survivor of note, now finally tells the story of her rollercoaster ride of a life, in the much anticipated memoir Love. Loss. Life. More bizarre than any fiction imagined, this is a true story of huge and passionate love counteracted […]

Book Launch of “Surviving Flight 295: Life after the Helderberg” by Joanne Lillie

Jacana Media and David Krut Publishing invite you to the launch of “Surviving Flight 295: Life After the Helderberg” by Joanne Lillie.  Lillie will be in conversation with Dominique Luck about how she has been recovering after losing her mother and sister in the crash. Please join us on Tuesday, 16 September 2014 at the David Krut Boosktore (151 […]

Book Launch of “The Alibi Club” by Jaco van Schalkwyk

Umuzi and David Krut Publishing launched  Jaco van Schalkwyk’s poignant debut novel, The Alibi Club on Thursday, 11 September 2014 at the David Krut Boosktore (151 Jan Smuts Avenue). The Alibi Club is a unique document about a city, a neighbourhood, and the lives of individuals, all changed irrevocably. Van Schalkwyk was in conservation with, commissioning editor […]

Bright Bazaar – Embracing Colour for Make-You-Smile Style

          “Colour and I are one” – Paul Klee This refreshing take on colour is from one of the world’s leading interior design bloggers, Will Taylor of Bright.Bazaar. Are you keen to use colour to imprint your personality on the canvas of your home, but lack the confidence to do it? […]

The Jo’burg Book – Newly Revised Edition is Now Available

“A contemporary history that is as rich and diverse as the city itself” “Nechama Brodie’s fine pop-culture history of the city, The Jo’burg Book, became my bible” – Lauren Beukes, author of Zoo City “…the best city guide produced on Johannesburg. The Jo’burg Book is primarily a triumph of picture research and design, its handmade […]

Jodi Bieber’s Real Beauty

“My new body of work entitled Real Beauty has been inspired by a number of events, the primary being my own life. My forties have brought a feeling of more comfort within my own skin than when I was younger even though my body shape has shifted dramatically. This project is an extension of a […]

The New Radicals – A Generational Memoir of the 1970’s

By the end of the 1960’s, opposition to apartheid was in disarray. Yet in the space of a few short years, major and radical challenges developed that would set the country on a new path.  This lively and original book tells the story of a generation of activists who embraced new forms of opposition politics […]

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