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Piecebook – The Secret Drawings of Graffiti Writers

Before it hits the wall, graffiti is often planned out in a black book – an artist’s sketchbook sometimes called a “piece book”, “piece” being short for masterpiece. Piecebook – The Secret Drawings of Graffiti Writers reproduces pages from actual black books that graffiti artists used to perfect and share their work. Unpublished drawings by […]

33 Artists in 3 Acts

Is being an artist a radical form of entrepreneurship or a vocational calling like the priesthood? Is it an extension of philosophy or an offshoot of entertainment?  In three richly interlinked but distinct “acts” – Politics, Kinship and Craft – Sarah Thornton compares and contrasts answers to the simple but profound question: what is an […]

Exciting new Thames & Hudson titles coming soon!

     We feel that there is nothing quite as exciting as having incredible new titles on our shelves – selections that range from design and art, to fashion and wonderful coffee table books. Coming soon to a David Krut Bookstore near you…  

Printmaking – What you need to know!

  Be sure to view CARVED: A Relief Printmaking Exhibition of Linocuts and Woodcuts at David Krut Projects, 142 Jan Smuts Avenue   These are just a few of the excellent selection of titles on printmaking that is available at the David Krut Bookstores. How To Identify Prints (R400) simplifies accurate identification of any printed image. It […]


Lavishly illustrated with a vivid selection of images from key contemporary photographers such as Guy Bourdin, Juergen Teller, Marilyn Minter, Tim Walker, David LaChapelle, Miles Aldridge  and Robert Mapplethorpe, this book explores the confluence of art, fashion and fetish in the cult of high heels stalking down fashion show runways and along city streets everywhere. Hundreds […]

PINK DOT SALE: Thinking Big – How the Evolution of Social Life Shaped the Human Mind

                                             From Stone Age networks to Digital Age networking, the ancient origins of our social lives today.  “When, why and how did the human brain evolve? These fundamental questions find innovative and stimulating answers […]

Jenny Crwys-Williams in conversation with Jacob Dlamini

Jenny & Co and David Krut Publishing  hosted  a conversation with  Jenny Crwys-Williams and  “Askari”-author, Jacob Dlamini on Tuesday, 28 October 2014 (18:00 for 18:30) at the David Krut Boosktore (151 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood). “Askari” is the story of collaboration and betrayal in the Anti-Apartheid struggle. This is the story of Comrade September, a member of the ANC and its military wing, […]

Book Launch of “Love. Loss. Life” by Monica Zwolsman

Jacana Media and David Krut Publishing invites you to the launch of “Love. Loss. Life” by Monica Zwolsman. Monica, a survivor of note, now finally tells the story of her rollercoaster ride of a life, in the much anticipated memoir Love. Loss. Life. More bizarre than any fiction imagined, this is a true story of huge and passionate love counteracted […]

Book Launch of “Surviving Flight 295: Life after the Helderberg” by Joanne Lillie

Jacana Media and David Krut Publishing invite you to the launch of “Surviving Flight 295: Life After the Helderberg” by Joanne Lillie.  Lillie will be in conversation with Dominique Luck about how she has been recovering after losing her mother and sister in the crash. Please join us on Tuesday, 16 September 2014 at the David Krut Boosktore (151 […]

Book Launch of “The Alibi Club” by Jaco van Schalkwyk

Umuzi and David Krut Publishing launched  Jaco van Schalkwyk’s poignant debut novel, The Alibi Club on Thursday, 11 September 2014 at the David Krut Boosktore (151 Jan Smuts Avenue). The Alibi Club is a unique document about a city, a neighbourhood, and the lives of individuals, all changed irrevocably. Van Schalkwyk was in conservation with, commissioning editor […]

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